Classified Advertising in Website Promotion

Classifieds are the ads given in the newspaper to attract potential buyers and sellers for the goods being advertised, such as a car, house for rent, work offers etc. They are circulated with the regular daily newspaper and sometimes with magazines. They are often charged on word by word basis or line by line basis whichever is more. Now a day’s classifieds are also given online and hence form a part of online marketing.

Since online marketing is aimed at getting potential customers together with the service providers, therefore classified advertising over the internet is the best method to do so. In classifieds people give exact specifications of the services offered and hence offer complete transparency in the process.

Classifieds often have various categories such as ‘sale of vehicle’, ‘house for rent’, ‘work from home’, ‘recruitment’ etc in them. As a result it becomes easier for a net surfer to slide to the required category and see the options that meet his requirement. With the contact numbers and addresses of the service provider availab e in case of classified advertising, the customer can also make personal contact with the service provider. backpage classifieds alternatives

Giving classifieds online for internet marketing is extremely economical as well. For example if you want to sell your digital camera you can write its specifications and post it free of cost on sites like eBay and olx. They would feature it on their site and allow every potential buyer to browse through it. Whenever a person decides to pay the money you have demanded, you’ll get a notification. You can then decide whether you are ready to sell it to that person or not.

Classifieds also save the cost to be spent on large hoardings and distribution of brochures. Going for online marketing via classifieds is also eco-friendly, since so much of paper is saved!

Classifieds printed in newspaper don’t give you the opportunity to feature the picture of actual product or any other promotional video or audio. Whereas, you can improve your chances of getting your work done by posting such graphics as well in classified advertising for online marketing.

Online marketing of classifieds ensures transparency to the buyer as well as he may actually see the pictures posted by the advertiser. The 1-800 numbers used by business firms as their toll-free contact numbers are also a method of classified advertising via online marketing.

With the growing popularity of internet the online classified marketing is increasing rapidly. A growth of 23% has been noticed in the online classifieds which caused the decrease of newspaper classifieds by 14%-20%.

Hence classified advertising in online marketing is the next big thing! It is almost setting up a parallel market. So go online classifieds to promote your business and your chances at success with online marketing via classified advertising.

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