Crystal and glass collectible figurines have been made via the ages

. Famous producers of crystal collectible figurines are as an example Lalique, Baccarat, Daum and Cristallerie d’Argues. These are beautiful sculptures made from glass or crystal and that they represent humans, animals, plant life, and so forth.


But these are not the type of crystal collectible figurines we’re talking approximately here. Cut crystal collectible figurines are constructed from complete-cut faceted, lead crystal stones. Because the usage of a excessive lead-content within the crystal, the light is meditated, honestly diffracted, and this results in a lovely palette of colours.


Basically those collectible figurines are composed out of cut crystal lamp pendants and cut crystal beads, glued collectively in this kind of manner that they represent for example an animal or a flower. But that turned into essentially. The present day cut crystal figurines are fabricated from in particular designed reduce crystal additives.


History of Glass Cutting


Bohemia turned into the place where maximum of the glass and crystal cutting turned into concentrated inside the nineteenth century. They produced maximum of the crystal pendants for chandeliers and also the cut crystal beads and pendants for the jewellery and the fashion enterprise.


Cutting and polishing glass and crystal stones was a tedious process and wanted an awful lot abilities in those days.


The son of one of the first-rate Bohemian glass cutters at the mid nineteenth century, become a young man named Daniel Swarovski.


After a go to to an exhibition in Vienna in 1883, he became obsessed with the opportunities of electricity. He desired to apply energy to power the tedious glass slicing technique. He succeeded after 9 years of experimenting! And could patent the first semi-computerized, electrically pushed, glass and crystal slicing machine.


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