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If you have had trouble with domestic violence in your household, you are probably on the hunt for a good lawyer who can help you. First you should learn about this subject in the eyes of the law. You should then find out what good legal representation can do for you. criminal penalties for domestic violence in New Mexico

You may think you know what this issue is, but the truth is that many people do not know much about it. Hitting, kicking, punching, biting, pushing, and hair pulling are all obvious examples of abuse within a family. However, emotional attacks, including threats, stalking, and verbal harassment all count, as well. Additionally, it is possible for this type of abuse to be sexual in nature, such as unwanted sexual advances, demeaning sexual comments, and of course, rape. Child abuse, whether physical, sexual, or emotional, also often requires a domestic violence attorney.

Sadly, some people are afraid to go to the police, much less hire a lawyer, because they are in fear for their life. However, if this describes you, know that you and your family are in danger unless the issue is properly dealt with. A domestic violence attorney can help you get away from the dangerous situation, and may help you get a restraining order and a safe place to stay if necessary. Of course, all of this can happen while you and your lawyer prepare your case for the court.

You should know that in most cases, you cannot eventually drop the charges after you file a complaint of any kind of abuse within your family. Unfortunately, some victims become scared, anxious, or even regretful of filing charges, especially when the perpetrator has had a chance to talk them out of their decision to get help. Therefore, the inability to drop the charges is there to help you get the assistance you need, both from the police and a domestic violence attorney, without changing your mind due to fear or intimidation.

Once you file charges, you can expect some help from the local police department, such as finding a safe place to stay and keeping the perpetrator away from you. This type of action may save your life. When you are ready to start living your life again, minus the abuse, it is time to get a domestic violence attorney to represent you and ensure that you can once again feel safe with the knowledge that you are finally away from the abusive environment.

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