Grandparents Rights Are Robbed

Grandparents are perceived as those innocent sweet little people that just remain in the background of the family. Unfortunately the grandparents rights are often robbed when it comes to their relationship with their grandchildren, and the grandparents rights to see grandchildren.

A grandparents’ love is special. It has no boundaries and it never waivers. Kids that are going through a divorce with their parents need the love and security that their grandparents can give them, yet this too is often denied because of the circumstances.

In many countries the grandparents rights are overlooked and at times they are considered as having none when it comes to the grandchildren. If the parents decide that there is to be no contact between the grandchildren and the grandparents then that’s the way it is. criminal penalties for domestic violence in New Mexico

Things are slowly beginning to change though because these seniors are not going to be denied their rights. Up until now its been a hard long battle to get anyone in authority to listen to the pleas of the grandmothers and grandfathers who long to have a relationship with the kids. New family law grandparents rights regulations will soon be on the horizon.

The circumstances vary in respect to the rights of these individuals. Of course custody issues are totally different from visitation issues.

There are times where abuse has been evident between the parents of the grandchildren and their may be non contact orders in place against one of the parents. The fear is that if the children are allowed to go to the grandparents on that side of the family, then the abusive spouse will have contact with the children. This can be prevented though with a little planning. There is the possibility that grandparent visitation could be carried out in the presence of the parent who has current custody of the kids.

It is most important that grandparents that are going through visitation problems not to give up. There are many grandparent groups that have formed that have many resources and are there to offer advice and support.

It really is a pity when the parents of the grandparents don’t realize the hurt and turmoil that is taking place. Sometimes divorces just cannot be prevented. Thinking about getting through the transition for the entire family really should become the priority. The grandparents on both sides could be of great help in coasting the kids through this rough time. Yet these people are often not even thought about or what kind of impact it is having on their lives.



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