How CPAP Replacement Works

Whether you are a caregiver or if you work within a hospital, there will always be a need for a CPAP machine and CPAP Replacement Supplies. The machines themselves can prove to cost an abundance of money but they do not last forever, meaning that replacement parts will be a necessity at one point or another. Purchasing CPAP replacement parts has proven to be exponentially simple as per the improvements in technology over the years.

What is a CPAP Machine?

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and it is a machine that provides a way for patients to achieve a type of respiratory assistance. It is most commonly used with the aid of sleep apnea or for those who find themselves in critical condition within a hospital setting. Another common patient that may need a CPAP machine is a newborn infant. The machine itself was designed by Dr. George Gregory who worked in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) within the University of California, San Francisco. CPAP Supplies

What CPAP Parts are Replaceable?

Much like with any piece of machinery that you can find in a hospital, the majority of the parts of a CPAP machine are replaceable, although you will commonly find people replacing parts of the mask and the filters more so than the technological aspects of the machine. There are a variety of different products to choose from including: new full-face masks, nasal pillows, comfort accessories, new head straps, new tubing, and new filters. Most of these parts are easily interchangeable and the parts are relatively inexpensive, depending on how in depth the replacement may be. For example, if you are looking to change the breathing tube from one size to another it may cost you $100.00 for the tube whereas if you were to change the motherboard of the machine it could cost thousands of dollars.

Why are CPAP Replacement Parts Beneficial? Aside from the obvious benefit that you will be able to keep your CPAP machine for an extended period of time, having the ability to acquire replacement CPAP parts has the ability to provide better hygiene and comfort to the user/patient. Rather than having to breathe through the same mask that has been used for years, replacing the fast mask helps to increase the patients hygienic state. As for comfort, you can purchase specialized pillows to wear during the night so that the head straps don’t hurt you as you twist and turn throughout your sleep. There are a variety of different replacement parts available to your use if necessary.

CPAP machines are one of the most common medical machines in the world that are owned by both individuals and hospital units alike. Regardless of their price, you will always have the opportunity to replace key parts when the time arises thanks to internet searches and medical supply warehouses. Rather than purchasing a brand new machine, replacing parts and buying CPAP Replacement supplies helps you to save money and time.

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