Ketchikan Alaska Tourism and Cruise Shore Excursions

Visiting Ketchikan, Alaska can be one of your most memorable tours, both when traveling on your own or as a passenger on a large cruise ship. The city is considered to be “Alaska’s first city” as it is often the very first port for the cruise ships. Because of that, the place has already become a major tourist spot.

Ketchikan is a scenic town on the island of Revillagigedo. It is the fifth most populous city of Alaska while having a population of around 14,000 residents.

The city’s economy is based on fishing and tourism. The town of Ketchikan receives an average of almost one million tourists a year. Additionally, the fishing industry is dependent to salmons, being the “Salmon Capital of the World.”

You can reach the Salmon Capital by way of the sea or the air. The Alaska Marine Highway ferries serve as the entry way to Ketchikan via the sea. Bus services are available in the terminal during certain day hours. If buses are not available, you can call for the shuttle and taxi services using the pay phones in the terminal. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Jet services from Juneau and Seattle are available daily to fly you to Ketchikan airport. You can reach your destination by using a Ketchikan Airporter, ferry, or even a water taxi. The cost of the airporter can be $5 or more.

Downtown Ketchikan is small that you can reach the tourist sites by foot. However, if you wish to tour the tourist spots outside the town, taxis and buses are available. The services of the bus can provide several accesses to the city’s historical sites.

The best ways to visiting Ketchikan, Alaska is by exploring the town. Make sure to visit the three popular totem collections. This is the Saxman Totem Park located in the southern downtown and the Totem Bight State Historical Park of the north part. Do not forget to visit the remarkable Totem Heritage Center along the Deermount Street.

Try to visit the Tongass Historical Museum as well as the different galleries. The galleries showcase native design arts which are carefully crafted. You may want to purchase in the Crazy Wolf Studio, Carver at the Creek, or at Marvin Oliver.

If you are an adventurous person, try hiking in the Tongass National Park and discover the different endangered species of plants and animals. Rent a kayak or charter a fishing excursion to explore the marines of the town. If you want to see Ketchikan from above, make sure to have a zip-line tour above the canopy of the forests.

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