Limited Company – Company Registration for Non-Residents

If you are currently based overseas and you are interested in starting a limited company, it benefits of a starting a company  is important to know about the company registration rules that apply to non-residents. The requirements for non-residents are few.

One of the things that you need for company registration of a limited company is an office that is registered in the UK. This means that you actually need to have a physical address in the country. This address is important because this is where all the official documents are going to be delivered.

All the businesses that register in the country are also required to have a minimum of two officers. For those who are based overseas, you can get a secretary who is based in the country. A secretary will handle all the administrative duties of the organization.

To be recognized as a business owner in the country, you are also required to have an Apostille certificate that will help to verify that all the documents are legal. This certificate ensures that the documents are recognized in other countries as well. It is possible to get the certificate when you are authenticating your business.

Once your business has been registered, you will be given a certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association and a register that includes a list of directors, secretaries and members.

You also need to have a bank account that will be used by the business. You can choose to have an account in the country or outside the country. If you are using an overseas account, it is important to make sure it is an international one. If you are applying for an account in the country, it is important to make sure your shareholders and directors have a reputable financial history.


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