Two Useful Engineering Tools – Hydraulic Rams and Hydraulic Cylinders

Most children own a Thomas Wooden Railway toy at some stage in their early years. The main characters are the ones created by Rev. W. Audrey in the Railway Series of books about the fictional railway on the island of Sodor.

This article describes the characters Audrey introduced in his earlier books. These endearing characters are still very popular with children who want a toy Thomas Wooden Railway Engine toy.

Edward the Blue Engine

Edward is a blue tender engine with red stripes and the number 2 on his tender. Edward is the oldest and wisest in the fleet and the other engines respect him for his knowledge and skills.

Gordon the Big Engine

Gordon is number 4 and is a tender engine, painted blue with red stripes. Gordon thinks he is the most important because he is so big and strong, and pulls the Express. used engines near me

Henry the Green Engine

Henry is number 3 and is painted green with red stripes. Henry looked much like Gordon but often had boiler troubles. After he had an accident caused by ice and snow, he was rebuilt and given a new shape.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas is the most famous engine in the series. Thomas is a little blue tank engine with the number 1 painted on both side tanks. He started as a station pilot, shunting coaches in the yard for the bigger engines but he wanted a more important job like pulling the express train like Gordon. Eventually Thomas rescues James after an accident and the fat controller decided he was a really useful engine and gave him his own branch line. Thomas has two coaches, Annie and Clarabel.

James the Red Engine

James is number 5. He is a tender engine, painted red with gold stripes and dome. He is a mixed traffic engine meaning he can pull both coaches and trucks. James is very proud of his bright paint job.

Percy The Small Engine

Percy is number 6 and is a saddle engine with red stripes. He is the youngest, and quite cheeky, often trying to trick or tease the other engines

Toby the Tram Engine

Toby is a tram engine is painted brown and grey and has a cowcatcher and side plates covering his wheels. Toby is number 7. He works on the same branch line as Thomas and takes the stone wagons to and from the quarry.


Emily is a Sterling Single engine. She is a dark green engine with gold stripes and has a Scottish accent. Emily accidentally stole Annie and Clarabel, but when she saved Oliver from an accident she was given her own coaches.

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