Types of Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs are now commonly used not only by models and celebrities, but ordinary women as well. This is an advance version of the conventional wig that we have seen for quite some time now. Literally softer and more manageable than the old counterpart, it can be made from real human hair, or with a high grade synthetic hair. Each piece of hair is carefully hand-woven into a lace mesh, which is then attached to the hairline. hd lace closure wig

There are two kinds of lace wigs – the lace front and the full lace. They are quite similar in quality but differ in the cap construction and sometimes with the development of the unit. The lace front wig is mainly constructed where the front section is developed from lace and the back is machine made. The main disadvantage of this type of wig is that it cannot be pulled up in a high pony tail or styled as an up-do.

The full lace wig covers your entire head and it provides style versatility, from up dos to bouncy curls. In addition, it provides more of a security when doing rigorous activities such as swimming or working out. Lastly, because the entire unit is hand-made, altering the hair texture or color is easily done with appropriate care and instructions.

Whether you seek a front lace or full unit, both can now be easily obtained at the lace wigs store or a local beauty shop within your area. Prior to purchasing, it’s best to consider a checklist of your needs and wants out of your unit and why would consider a half over a full unit or vice-versa. This will assist the representative to filter through their inventory and find the ideal hair system for your needs and lifestyle. Consider the type of hair, the length, color, texture, density and be prepared to have your head measured for accuracy and fit.

Deciding to purchase a lace unit, whether it is front or full is a big decision and more of an investment rather than a regular purchase for hair extensions. The quality, style and ability to appear undetectable are essentially why they are more costly than a regular hair extension. However once your lace wig is applied, the transformation that you experience internally and externally will prove its overall worth.


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