Watch Movies on Your Xbox 360!

Did you know that you can watch movies on Xbox 360 instantly? A short while ago, Netflix and Microsoft teamed up to bring you this amazing service, and now it is available to everyone who owns an Xbox and has a Netflix subscription.

Basically, anyone with a subscription and an active Xbox Live account can log on to their Netflix account and watch any movie that has been placed in the “instant queue”. Movies must be added manually using your computer, and cannot be added through the Xbox itself. Also, not all movies are available for instant streaming. There are literally thousands of movies that can be streamed instantly, but I suspect that it will be a while before each and every Netflix movie will be available as an Xbox 360 movie. Streaming Gratuit

The whole process is pretty nifty. You can go to your computer, add a movie or two, and go over to your Xbox. By the time you get there, the movie will be automatically placed in your instant Q over Xbox Live. From there, you can simply select the movie, and it will begin to load. It usually takes about 10-30 seconds to load a movie in the beginning, as it has to determine your video quality. If you have a very good internet signal, you will get a better video quality and faster loading times. If you have a slow internet signal, then you will automatically get a lower quality version of whatever movie you are watching. This just makes it so that the movie(s) can load quicker and to minimize waiting time.

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